I’ve never done a year end list, but in the last three years new music has become a full time interest. With that, I am here to bring you my top ten albums of 2013.

Kurt Vile “Wakin’ on a Pretty Daze”

Listen to: “Too Hard”


Vampire Weekend “Modern Vampires of the City”

Listen to: “Fingerback”


Arcade Fire “Reflektor”

Listen to: “Normal Person”


Haim “Days are Gone”

Listen to:”Go Slow”


Christopher Owens “Lysandre”

Listen to: “Rivieria Rock”


Au Revoir Simone “Move in Spectrums”

Listen to: “We both know”


Toro Y Moi “Anything in Return”

Listen to: “Rose Quartz”


The Knife “Shaking the Habitual”

Listen to: “Tooth for an Eye”


Disclosure “Settle”

Listen to: “When a Fire Starts to Burn”


Ejecta “Dominae”

Listen to: Mistress


And just for fun…


Best video:


Best album cover:

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Indie Music Selections for Fall 2013

My friend Melanie graciously let me guest post on her blog “Spark” this week – the topic? Indie music finds of fall 2013. I figured everybody could use some new tunes now and again and why should I deprive the blog of my music selections? I think they’re pretty good, check them out:

Au Revoir Simone – Move in Spectrums

When I first heard about Au Revoir Simone it was via a friends’ Instagram post. They had seen their live show and I still remember their review “hauntingly beautiful.” I started investigating…but it wasn’t until this year when “Move in Spectrums” debuted that they completely sold me. The newest album is a bit of a change from their former sound, but I personally love it.

Hear “Crazy”

FKA Twigs

I must be on a “hauntingly beautiful” kick because FKA twigs follows suit in the sexiest way that is known to man. Formerly known as “Twigs,” FKA Twigs EP has blown me away. This find is courtesy of the music blog Gorilla vs. Bear – not surprising since Chris Cantalini provides good finds on the regs. I had a hard time choosing one track to feature but “Water Me” is devastatingly gorgeous. I imagine this is what Barry White was like for my mom.

Hear “Water Me”

Arcade Fire – Reflektor

And finally I’ll close with old faithful. Arcade Fire’s first single “Reflektor” is seven minutes and thirty four seconds of heaven. I don’t even get bored. Similar to Au Revoir Simone they are changing up sound and proving, at least to me, that they can do no wrong. Regine sings in French, I mean… And that special concert after the debut of SNL? I guess that’s what happens when an Indie band wins a Grammy. Nicely done, Arcade.

Hear “Reflektor”

Honorable mention goes to Polica, Holy Ghost!, Phantogram, and Cults. If you’re looking for more music find check me out here and here – well, and here too!

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Let’s start at the very beginning

A very good place to start…

My undergrad History and Appreciation of the Cinema professor would be absolutely disgusted that I am starting my blog off with “Do Re Mi.” Dr. J would scoff, “Julie f**king Andrews running around, singing about the hills being alive with the sound of music.'” Good ole’ Dr. J.

Regardless, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the “Sound of Music.” This little tid-bit is only a taste of the fabulous content I will be supplying on a semi regular basis.

So go ahead, blast “Do Re Mi” and run around pretending like the hills are alive with the sound of music – we have a long week ahead of us.

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